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VIVACE device

What is Vivace device?

Vivaceis a device that works with a technology that combines the benefits of (micro-needling) with (radio frequency) technology, so that the skin receives these frequencies that lead to an increase in the temperature of collagen in the skin.


Collagen is the synthetic protein responsible for (skin firmness) and elasticity, and a lack of collagen is the main cause of wrinkles.


Each pulse the device sends to the skin stimulates collagen production, builds its molecules, improves the appearance of the skin, and tightens wrinkles. These waves do not raise the temperature of the skin, because the device sends waves that cool the outer surface of the skin, and the treatment is done through a delicate set of needles that are gently embedded in the skin, making the treatment topical and regular without exposing large parts of the skin to pain in the same breath. Time.

Frequently Asked Questions !

All cases that need to restore the natural collagen balance can benefit from treatment with the Vivace device, the most important of these cases include the following:

•   Cases of wrinkles on both sides of the face


•   Cases of forehead wrinkles


•   Cases suffering from a double chin


•   Cases of drooping eyebrows


•   Treatment of pregnancy melasma and postpartum cracks


•   Narrowing facial pores, unifying, and lightening skin tone


•   Treating wrinkles of the hands


•   Treatment of scars and wounds

The results begin to appear gradually within a few days after the session, during this period the collagen begins to gradually increase in your skin, and you will notice a gradual disappearance of wrinkles, as well as notice harmony and uniformity in your skin color and a freshness that resembles the freshness of the skin of young children.


 Yes, it is the magic complex collagen, that multiplies in your skin cells gradually after the session to spread its luster on your face and restore youthfulness.

The number of sessions required for treatment depends on the state of wrinkles, perhaps you can suffice with one or two sessions, but the usual is that moderate cases need 4 to 6 sessions, and of course severe cases require a greater number of sessions.


In general, the expected results on the face include:

1. Skin freshness

2. Lifting wrinkles

3. Cheekbones protruding slightly

4. Lifting the eyebrows

5. Improve the appearance of the double chin

6. Removing and tightening neck wrinkles

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