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Freezing fats with the Cooltech technique

The Cooltech technology to slim the buttocks and instantly sculpt the body without surgery at the hands of the most skilled Arab doctors at Skin & Teeth Medical Center Ajman.

What is Cooltech technology?

The "Cool Tech" technique is to freeze fat at a low temperature, to get rid of the fat accumulated around the stomach, and on the lower back, waist and buttocks, without the need to use needles or surgery.  It is a painless technique while preserving collagen and skin elasticity.

How to apply it?

To begin with, weight is determined to find the percentage of fat and muscle accumulated and the amount of water in the body.  The approved device, in this case, is the Body Matrix weighing device.

The area to be treated is identified and wiped with "gel" with a medical pad, to protect the skin. Then the fat freezing technique is applied with the help of the "Fat Freezing" device, which consists of two identical heads, which are placed evenly on the specific area for a period of 70 minutes, at a low temperature  (Minus 8 degrees Celsius below zero), which leads to freezing of fat cells.

Which parts are more subject to the Cooltech technology?

The tough fat that resides on the abdomen, at the waist and the buttocks; This is because the design characteristics of the device allow it to deal comfortably and effectively with these areas.

What are the expected results?

This is due to the fact of the reaction resulting from the process of breaking down fats.  However, the difference will be noticed in one sitting.  After about 2 or 4 weeks, results are clearer, and the size is reduced from 4 to 11 cm.

Are there any known side effects or complications with this procedure?

There are no side effects except redness in the treated area, and it will disappear quickly.

How many sessions are required?

Usually, one session is required, as it is sufficient to achieve the desired result.  Of course, there are differences in the nature of the skin depending on the person, the amount of fat, and the extent of his response to treatment.  Sessions may range from 1 to 3 sessions, with between each session and session a period of time extending from 4 to 6 weeks.

What are the side effects?

There are no side effects.  A small number of people may feel in the first 10 minutes a slight pain from the "cooling down" process, but most find this acceptable.

Is the result guaranteed and successful?

In fact, there is no treatment in the world that provides the same result for everyone.  This is because we are all different, and our bodies are different, and the accumulated lipids can differ, which affects how we respond to treatment.  It remains important not to over-eat fatty foods that contain high calories and lead to weight gain and fat in the body.  It is also recommended that you drink 2 liters of water daily to ensure its continued success.

After the treatment, does it require a period of rest?

There are no restrictions imposed after treatment.  It is possible to start work directly, resume sports activities, and continue living normally.

Who are not benefiting from this technology?

It cannot be performed for:

  • Patients with "Raynaud's" (Raynaud's disease is a rare disorder of the blood vessels in the fingers and toes, where the fingers appear blue when exposed to cold).
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Owners of the implanted medical device
  • Who have undergone surgery in the same area (within 6 months)
  • Those who are sensitive to cold

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