Corona Prevention Measures

At the Skin & Teeth MedicalCenter, we follow many public safety measures, prevention and sterilization

The Centre’s entrances are equipped with a self-sterilization gate, in addition to measuring thermometers

At the Centre, we conduct sterilization campaigns periodically throughout the day throughout the Centre

All medical tools, especially the dental clinic tools, are sterilized using the best equipment for treatment and sterilization, and all medical tools are wrapped immediately after sterilization

All staff members are checked periodically

We work in a safe system by receiving our clients at the predetermined dates

At the Centre, we provide hand sterilization devices in all rooms and hand sterilization packages on all waiting area tables

We provide in our Centre remote laser body temperature scanners in case our clients want to test their body temperature

Demonstration Video

A video showing the measures to prevent corona at Skin & Teeth Medical Centre

Acceptable Insurance Companies

We accept all insurance cards from the listed companies