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Dental implant steps

Dental implants are done in stages, which are:

The first stage

The appropriate place for implantation is prepared by placing implants made of pure titanium metal in the jawbone in place of the missing tooth.

The second stage

Healing the jawbone and the implant, and this called bone fusion, and this process takes six months for the upper jaw, and three months for the lower jaw.

The third stage

The final composition of dental implants, this stage includes several sessions, to make the final combination of imprints for the mouth and try it, for final fixation.

Benefits of dental implants

The fact that the old moving structures are more susceptible to movement during speech and eating, which disturbs and embarrasses the person, in addition to its negative effect on the atrophy of the jawbone, all of this made science more searched and developed for the best for a person, so those moving structures were replaced by fixed ones, Among the benefits of dental implants:

Prevent bone atrophy in the place of the missing tooth and maintain it.

Preserving the remaining natural teeth and maintaining their integrity

You get fixed teeth like natural teeth.

Restore your confidence, which gives you a normal life.

Helps you stabilize the moving prostheses effectively.

Before and after dental implants

Frequently Asked Questions

Among the questions that occur to your mind before you apply it, is this operation successful? How successful is it or not? Because of the advanced and continuous development in the materials used, the success rate is very high, reaching 95% in the lower jaw and 90% in the upper jaw.

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