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Teeth cleaning and polishing

Teeth cleaning and polishing - Skin and Teeth Medical Center - Ajman - UAE

It is the removal of calcareous or calcareous deposits that form on the surfaces of the teeth, whether above or below the gums, by using an ultrasound vibration device, as this device works to break up and break these deposits easily and smoothly without any scratches or cracks occurring in the surface of the teeth. And without causing any pain or inconvenience except in very few cases in which the teeth are of high sensitivity, or when the gums are receding from the tooth, its neck is exposed, and the enamel layer covering it is eroded and eroded, or when there is caries on the outer surface of the tooth.

An excellent cleaning powder is used that is placed in a special device that is installed on the high-speed hose in the dental unit, and a stream of water mixed with the fine powder is produced with great force, which removes the hard dyes that adhere to the surfaces of the teeth strongly, and the effectiveness of this method is greater than the first method, and its use is limited by the presence of many dyes such as smoking and so on Liked it.

Dental nerve treatment

Dental nerve treatment - Skin and Teeth Medical Center - Ajman - UAE

A dental nerve is a type of pain that affects the inner area of ​​the teeth, and it is scientifically expressed in the root canals. It is a great science and is considered one of the most important specialties in dentistry, and it includes the treatment and diagnosis of diseases affecting the pulp, and it is one of the most difficult problems that the tooth is exposed to, and the injured suffers from it. A lot of severe pain, as well as the inability to sleep.

Symptoms of neuritis

Feeling of strong pain when eating.

The appearance of some dark spots on the tooth.

Swollen gums.

The appearance of some boils.

Feeling pain when consuming cold and hot drinks, and the pain remains for a short period, then disappears with the disappearance of the effect.

Cosmetic fillings (composites)

They are modern white fillings like the color of natural teeth that combine technology and art to replace functional performance and restore the aesthetic appearance of teeth affected by caries, fractures, and others

In contrast to the silver fillings (amalgam), they are better from an aesthetic point of view, as they are like the color of the teeth and do not cause staining of the teeth. A large amount of the tooth does not need to be removed, but rather they fuse with the tooth surfaces in a mechanical and chemical way.

Teeth are usually exposed to decay or fracture.

It is treated with local anesthesia for the tooth, then removing all decay and preparing the filling site, Then the knurling and adhesive material is applied.

Then the tooth is restored with the filling in the form of layers to increase its resistance and durability.

Then harden it with special devices (optical), and then form and finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

To give an aesthetic appearance like natural tooth color and give a functional benefit.

It ranges between 10 years and depends on a person's interest in dental hygiene.

In fact, it has a high color fastness property and depends on the quality of manufacturing from the company and the quality of application and finishing of the filling by the doctor.

It cannot be changed immediately after bleaching

Only take care of oral and dental hygiene and clean them three times a day or after meals.

It does not cause pain during or after application.

From 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the location and condition of the tooth.

it has signs such as a good filling that does not cause food to remain and it is difficult to remove it in the places of fillings, and the color of the filling matches the tooth, and the dental plates should not be high or irritating and do not cause continuous sensitivity.

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