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BTL Exilis Device

 A device that helps treat subcutaneous fat and cellulite efficiently without the need for anesthesia and surgery complications

How does the BTL Exilis technique work?

  This technology relies on its use of ultrasound and high-frequency energy at the same time, as they work together to break down and get rid of excess fats.  In addition, the BTL Exilis technology works to treat cellulite and wrinkles and helps stimulate collagen, which in turn works to tighten sagging and remove wrinkles.

 The exclusivity technique increases the activity of fat cells, which helps to accelerate the process of eliminating them in the targeted areas only, which allows the patient to reshape his body and get rid of fat in a fast, effective and safe way in areas that do not respond to various diet programs.  The session takes about half an hour depending on the area to be treated, and the patient needs 4-6 sessions per area.


Benefits of the BTL Exilis treatment

BTL Exilis is an effective, complete and safe medical system, thanks to its dual power it helps to treat subcutaneous fat and cellulite efficiently without the need for anesthesia and surgery complications.


It also helps the body get rid of fat naturally by stimulating the lymphatic system and opening the lymph nodes naturally, as BTL Exilis can be used on all areas of the body, such as (arms, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs).


After the BTL Exilis technique procedure:

It is not necessary to do any special regimen during the treatment period, but it is advised to drink more water and fluids, and to follow a diet to maintain the results.  Of course, the patient will feel the difference during the use of BTL Exilis in terms of the difference in measurement.


Most patients are pleased with the results obtained by using BTL Exilis and feel the change in their daily life. To maintain these results, we recommend that you follow a good diet low in fat and sugar and exercise regularly.


Botox and fillers are not usually injected on the same day with the BTL Exilis technique, but they are injected in separate sessions.


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