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Fractional laser technology has proven its effectiveness in treating many problems of the face, skin and even the body, which led to an increase in the desire of those looking for beauty and freshness to undergo sessions of this type of cosmetic laser, especially for women, noting that the benefits of fractional laser are not limited to the face only, but can be applied to any area of ​​the body.

Benefits of Fractional Laser for the skin:

The benefits of a canal laser bed for the skin and the body in general have varied, it is not limited to tightening the loose skin, but these benefits extend to include: The benefits of a laser can be multiple for the skin and the body in general, it is not limited to tightening the loose skin, but extends these benefits to include:

•   Hide the scars resulting from acne after treatment, which do not disappear without it.


•   Treating scars and pits resulting from any earlier injury, surgery, or cosmetic procedure.


•   Treatment for droopy eyelids.


•   Facial exfoliation to remove dead skin and old cells and replenish them with a new, fresher skin layer.


•   Reducing the degree of pigmentation, discoloration of the skin, and dark and brown spots that appear on the skin for any reason, whether due to the influence of light or due to aging factors.


•   Fractional laser helps in the treatment of a pregnancy mask, which is a change in the mother's chromosomes during pregnancy and that sometimes causes dark spots on her face.


•   Reducing the effects of sunburn on the face, whether of medium or advanced degrees, which are difficult to treat by other means and may leave a permanent effect, except in the case of using a fractional laser.


•   Treatment of scars resulting from smallpox.


•   Treating injury scars.


•   Reducing the effects of stretch marks on the body.


•   Peeling dead or damaged skin in any area of ​​the body, not just the face, which is one of the most important benefits of fractional laser.


•   Fractional laser can be used for the knees to get rid of unwanted discoloration in the knees area, which may be due to scars, sunburn, or other things.

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