Drawing and beautification of laser gums

Redraw or gum cut is a Sunni aesthetic processing that is changing in the form of gums for teeth, which improves the appearance of smile and mouth health significantly.

The benefits of redrawing gums

Quick Surgery, Safe and it's oftenly painless

Results are permanent.

Fast healing.

Improves the appearance of mouth and smile.

How is the gum drawing process?

The gum drawing is made in our center using laser. It is the features of this technique they reduce bleeding as well as in addition to the speed of its completion in a very short time.


The attached video shows stages and how to draw gums using laser technology in our center.

Lightening and supply of gums

From the beautiful smile features, and the address of the face of the face of human beings is white teeth and pink gums, so many centers are to use a variety of means to pink gums, including surgical operations or chemotherapy for tissue bleaching which often cause side complications .

Skin and Teeth medical Centre is characterized by using the latest laser technologies to Pinken the dark gums

Before and after gum treatment

What are the causes of dark gums?

Smoking is one of the most common causes of this problem, and nicotine and tobacco cause irritation to the tissues of the mouth and gums, which causes yellowing or blackening of the teeth and the appearance of the gums with darker shades than usual.

Sometimes dark gums are a result of severe negligence of personal and oral hygiene and recurring infections in it of various forms.

The darker spectrum of the gums may not be pigmentation, but rather some lumps left from the metal molar filling that fused with the gum tissue and gave that color.

The emergence of side effects of some medicines such as antimalarials, for example, and in this case the problem ends by stopping the medication.

The problem may be due to the presence of some health diseases that cause an increase in pigmentation throughout the body, and thus the color of the skin and gums to darken.

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