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Hollywood smile

Hollywood smile - dental veneers

At Skin and Teeth Center in Ajman, we offer you the most famous therapeutic and cosmetic dental applications by a distinguished medical staff with great experience and one of the most famous cosmetic dental applications is what is known as the Hollywood smile.


A Hollywood smile is a veneer that is attached to the teeth to protect it, cover its defects, and redraw the smile appropriately.

What distinguishes us in the Hollywood smile

Skin & Teeth Guarantee

We offer a Hollywood smile from the original dental veneers with a long warranty that includes the veneers used in the smile and also includes oral and dental health.

Latest technology

Using 3D scanning techniques to obtain an accurate print of the patient’s current teeth, and thus the design is submitted electronically to obtain a smile that matches the best international standards and with a distinct design.

High quality

We are distinguished by using the highest standards in quality by using exclusively original veneers.

Competitive prices

Since we are in the Skin and Teeth Center, we are committed to providing the finest materials and the best international equipment, in addition to the guarantee, so our prices are considered among the competitive prices in the market.

The most skilled Cosmetic dentists

The team of Skin & Teeth Medical Center includes the most skilled dental and cosmetic specialists with long experience in the design and installation of a Hollywood smile.

Some of the 3D Veneers in skin & Teeth Medical Centre

These images showing before and after the results enjoyed by many of our patients now after treatment.

Acceptable Insurance Companies

We accept all insurance cards from the listed companies