Laser Teeth Whitening

the whiten laser teethhelps to lightening of the teeth after changing the color, and the process often takes about an hour.

What is laser teeth whitening ?

The process of teeth whitening is in general which internal and external dyes are removed in the tooth.


The laser teeth whitening, It is one of the most common ways to solve the problem of tooth discoloration, and the popularity of this method has increased because it does not often cause damage to the gums or the structure of the teeth, and laser teeth whitening does not require surgical intervention, and is an easy solution to overcome the causes that lead to tooth discoloration.

What are the factors that cause teeth yellowing?

The genetics

The genetics just as it shares with your family members are in physical qualities, you may inherit the teeth yellowing, because of the outer layer, which is the enamel, which is less thicker and is vulnerable to yellow.


While Growing old, the first layer in teeth and the most rigid, the enamel layer to contain metals begin to corrosion, causing teeth yellowing because of the yellowing of this layer.


it is common for  fluoride to  causesteeth yellowing and the emergence of patches on the outer layer, and there are products containing a high fluoride such as mouth lotion and toothpaste products, despite the importance of fluoride element in dental lotion, especially for people who want to orthodontics, otherwise it may cause teeth yellowing.

Who cannot perform a laser teeth whitening process?

People that suffer of receding gums.

Pregnant women

People at the age of 16 or less

People suffering from sensitive teeth or serious problems in teeth.

Acceptable Insurance Companies

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