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Laughing Gas

Laughing gas, which helps patients who have a high level of fear and tension during oral treatment to relax.

What is laughing gas?

Laughing gas, scientifically known as nitrous oxide, is a mixture of nitrous gas with oxygen in certain proportions and helps patients who have a high level of fear and anxiety during oral treatment, to relax.



As the tension makes the sense of pain increases significantly, you notice that the tense patient suffers from less and simpler operations, pain, but if the patient’s thinking is turned to something else (for example, a television screen) then accepting treatment becomes easier.



This is what happens with laughing gas. It distracts thinking and gives a pleasant feeling of comfort and happiness, so the patient forgets what happened during the treatment, as if he was soaring from happiness.



Some believe that laughing gas is an alternative to local anesthesia, but the reality is that local anesthesia is a must, as the gas calms the nerves, and as for numbing the nerve of the tooth to stop the pain during treatment, it is the role of local anesthesia.

The positives of laughing gas

Completely safe and its effect on the ephemeral patient, as he can go straight after completion of treatment and can even drive a car.

It also has very few side effects, and the materials used in this way do not cause harm to the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys or brain.

Complications of laughing gas

The patient rarely develops dizziness after prolonged gas therapy.

Some children develop phobias from the presence of a rubber mask, so the reassurance of the child from the parents is necessary in such cases.

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