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Plexer device

The device is a small laser pens that burn excess skin to tighten sagging around the eye and tighten the face in very small areas.

The Plexerdevice is characterized by several things:

•   Ultimate precision in the treatment area, so the laser is only shed on the area to be treated.


•   Relative Healing Speed: You may return to your working life 3 to 4 days after treatment with Plexer.


•   The ability of the device to treat pimples and sebaceous growths in addition to laser eyelid tightening.


•   Eyelids lift without surgery: The Plexerdevice is the newest and fastest technique for tightening loose skin around the eyes.

Before and after use the Plexer device

Frequently Asked Questions !

It is usually light to moderate. Most tolerate pain during the treatment phase without additional anesthetic injections.

The pain results are either first or second degree burns, but the pain is slightly felt.

Yes, it depends on the amount of skin occupied during the non-surgical eyelid lift operation. And most of it is the second day, then it subsides quickly.

The swelling level is 1/20 compared to eye plastic surgery, which is quite better.

There will be black scars that will peel off on the fourth or sixth day of the operation. It is important to still be by hand, as we want the body to build the new skin layer as it was placed.

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