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It is an innovative medical device recognized in clinical circles to reduce obesity in the abdominal area


It is a medical device based on an innovative process that aims by activating vital magnetic fields to gradually get rid of fat under the skin and bad fats (fat in the abdominal cavity and visceral fat) that cause some cardiovascular diseases (CVD), stroke syndrome, and types of cancers,  And cases of infertility in women and men, especially among those who suffer from obesity.

Clear and lasting results after undergoing 12 sessions of 30 minutes Clear and lasting results after undergoing 12 sessions of 30 minutes:

Health criterion: reduce abdominal fat mass and bad fat.

Body fat stress standard: Reducing the size of the garment by two sizes by reducing the subcutaneous fat.


Frequently Asked Questions

In our clinical studies, we observed a loss of 6 cm after 12 sessions.  Some doctors use it for 24 sessions, and record a loss of 10 cm from the circumference of the abdomen.

Biostimology reduces the size of the body, but if combined with a suitable diet, it can lead to a weight loss of between 2 and 10 kg within 6 weeks.

Yes, sometimes you must undergo more than 12 sessions to remove the stubborn adherent fat, and it may take 12, 18, 24 consecutive sessions, or even more.

We usually start noticing results in the first 4 sessions.  Thus, we do not recommend taking measurements after each session, but rather before the first session and after every 6 sessions.

In the clinical studies conducted, the maximum BMI was 42, which falls under the morbid obesity category.

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