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Treatment of overweight or underweight

Our team includes nutritional experts who can provide advice and solutions for a healthy lifestyle to reach an ideal weight

Weight treatment based on your body's genetic makeup

Depending on the analysis of your body's genetic makeup, we can suggest a diet or a healthy diet modify the diet to ensure the prevention of more than 20 potential health problems. We can also help you in slimming and maintaining an ideal weight by identifying the factors that lead to obesity (fats or carbohydrates) and determining the best option appropriate to the nature of your body (exercise more or reduce the amount of food).

Malnutrition and its consequences

Many of us cannot tolerate some types of foods, which may lead to health problems that may not reach the point of threatening life, but they remain risks that must not be tolerated, which may cause health risks, because their impact may be so great that it prevents us from practicing our life Normally.

The body's intolerance to food is considered a health condition that involves an abnormal reaction of the body to some types of food, and the symptoms of this condition differ from one person to another, as some may suffer from severe headaches, while others may suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, weight gain or migraines. Or respiratory diseases. The body’s intolerance of some food may affect the body’s immune system, but this problem can be dealt with by using immune globulin as it is an effective antibiotic.

What does a nutrition consultant offer?

Nutrition experts in our center provide a variety of services, including:

Counseling for pregnant and lactating women

Advice before and after surgery for weight loss

Educate children and adolescents about healthy eating habits

Preparing personalized nutrition plans for patients with metabolic syndrome

Assist in setting goals and monitoring progress

Help in losing weight by using the latest non-surgical medical devices

Adopting a diet randomly and without specialist advice may cause a deterioration in the health of the body

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