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Laser tattoo removal

The history of tattoos (or what is known as tattoo) goes back more than 4,500 years, and with its appearance, many people wanted to remove it. Statistics have shown that one out of every three people who have tried a tattoo will end up wanting to have it removed. And if previous attempts to remove tattoos carried a risk of permanent scarring.


The tattoo mainly consists of an external pigment that is pumped into the skin, where the dermis (the outer layer of the skin) absorbs the ink particles and then remains fixed in the upper layer of the skin. There is no doubt that the density and depth of the ink affect the final results of tattoo removal operations.


Dealing with new light tattoos is different from dealing with deep professional tattoos, where carbon ink and black ink are usually used to make tattoos for the first time, in addition to injecting a low-density pigment into the skin at different levels of depth. While professional tattoos contain many colored pigments, they use high-density ink that is injected deep into the skin.

Treatment method

The modified quality laser technology generates a highly effective pulse in a short period of time (a few nanoseconds), creating a "Pictorial - phonemic" effect that damages the tattoo pigment. The absorbed cells then reduce the deeper pigment while the epidermis reduces the most superficial pigment. Ultimately, the thermolysis changes of the dye and the laser pulse clear the remaining dye.

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