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The Ulthera device

A device that uses ultrasound to treat the effects of aging, rejuvenate the skin and rid it of wrinkles.

How does the Ulthera face lift device work?

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The primary technology used by the Ulthera device is HIFU (“High Intensity Focused UltraSound”). This highly powerful and focused ultrasound raises the skin's internal surface temperature to the ideal level for the production and regeneration of collagen in the skin, thus initiating the natural regeneration process of collagen. Known as "neocollagenesis."


The device does not include the use of any fillers, creams or toxins, and it depends only on activating the natural regenerative processes in the skin, and in this way it is as if it restores the skin's youth, vitality and its natural ability to maintain its appearance and beauty.

Ultherais FDA approved

It is used in European and American cosmetic hospitals and clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions !

What are the possible side effects and what are the risks of the Ulthera device?


The skin may look flushed or have some redness, but this should disappear within a few hours. Some cases may experience swelling, slight pain or a tingling sensation, but these effects are all temporary as well. Other than this, there are no severe side effects except in some rare cases. If the skin is very sensitive, the person may suffer bruises or numbness in some areas of the skin, and these effects can be easily treated with some medicines and creams that your doctor prescribes for you.

This technique is based mainly on skin renewal on its own, meaning that results will appear gradually within two to three months, and will reach their peak within four to six months after the treatment session.



As for the duration of the results, it depends on your lifestyle, your condition, and the number of treatment sessions you received, but the results last, on average, between one and a half to two years. Among the most important steps that you can follow to maintain results for as long as possible:


•   Exercising regularly

•   Eat a healthy diet rich in fiber

•   Drink enough water

•   Continuously moisturizing the skin

•   Avoid exposure to the sun without using appropriate sunscreen

This technique is very innovative and modern, and its effect is hardly comparable between various facelifts except surgical procedures, and thus it is the best technique among non-surgical procedures. And because it is the best technology today, its price is slightly higher compared to various skin treatment devices.


However, the cost is very low compared to surgical skin tightening procedures, compared to the risks that they provide to you, and because this technique is a natural skin regeneration, and it is not an exotic effect.

The Ulthera device is a device that uses ultrasound to treat the effects of aging, rejuvenate the skin and rid it of wrinkles, through a technology that stimulates the self-renewal of cells. That is why, during a few sessions, you can lift the face and get rid of wrinkles around the eyes and smiling wrinkles around the mouth, and get rid of neck wrinkles, and give you the same results of eyebrow lifting.


The Ulthera device is the only technology that uses ultrasound imaging during its operation, allowing your doctor to see the inner layers of skin and the effect of the device on it while it is working. This means that you receive a treatment that is tailored to your specific skin condition and without the risks of generalizing treatment that may negatively affect sensitive skin.

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